•We can all support the Syrian displaced women and children

•Hemin Karim Kak Rash body sent home to Kurdistan for Funeral and burial

•Refugees in Ankara require your support

•Letter to UNHCR in Geneva About the Refugees in Ankara

•Kurdish refugees assaulted on deportation flight to Erbil

•letter from International Federation of Iraqi Refugees’ secretary to Frederick Reinfelds, Swedish prime minister

•Release Iraqi refugees from detention
Over the last three months the UK government has once again started to detain Iraqi refugees under threat of deportation

•Assault on forced deportation flight to Erbil Northern Iraq

•The present draft resolution is presented by the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees to both speakers of Parliament of Iraq and Kurdistan

•Happy May Day! Right to work Right to stay  Fight forcible deportation policy 

•Support Harper Omeri, Iranian Refugee on hanger strike for 6days in London

•An open letter to King Abdullah to stop Royal Jordanian Airlines deporting Iraqi and Kurdish refugees

•Press Release    25-2-2013
UK government attempts to restart deportations to northern Iraq

•An open letter to Royal Jordanian Airlines to stop deporting Iraqi and Kurdish refugees

•Open letter to Francois Hollande President of France
Regarding murder of three Kurdish political activists on the 9th January 2013

•We Call on you to M eet all of the demands of the Iranian refugees in Iraq

•Picket in front of the Office of the Kurdistan Mayor  of  Sulaymania
Thuersday ,29-11-2012

•A Network to Support Syrian Refugees   Refugees in and from Syria need our help and support!

•International Federation of Iraqi Refugee’s (IFIR)   condemns Australia’s off shoring refugee policy

•Iraqi parliament votes against accepting forcibly returned Iraqi refugees

•Head of the Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan-Australia brach and  Head of the Worker-communist Party of Iraq- Australia brach

protesting  against Netherlands  government’s planning to deport 1200 to Iraq .

•10 June 2012    Geachte heer Rutte

•Demonstration against forced deportation of 1,200 Iraqi refugees in Netherlands 

•Demonstratie tegen het gedwongen terugsturen van 1200 vluchtelingen naar Irak.

•Netherlands Immigration and Asylum Minister
DCLG (HQ) PCS Branch condemns any deportation deal between the Netherlands and Iraqi government

•Petition against forced deportation of 1200 Iraqi refugees in Netherlands 

•Handtekeningactie tegen de gedwongen terugkeer van 1200 Irakese vluchtelingen.

• 29/05/2012   Stop playing politics with the lives of Iraqi refugees

•Do not allow deportations via Baghdad Airport

•STOP THE DEPORTATION OF ASYLUMSEEKERS!    The announcement of a campaign to stop the deportation of refugees

Sweden, Norway, Holland and Denmark to deport Iraqi refugees to Baghdad this week

•The Swedish & Norwegian Government’s are planning to deport Iraqi refugees back to Baghdad on Wednesday 31 August

•raqi parliament condemnsdeportations from the UK andEurope 

•Dashty Jamal Speech in parliament on the anniversary of the murder of Sardasht Osman Kurdish journalist, 15th June 2011 hosted by
John McDonnell Member of UK Parliament

•Campaign petition against the policy of forcible Deportation

•Public Meeting
Mass protest movement demanding freedom and Social justice in Iraqi Kurdistan

Iraqi refugees on hunger strike to protest planned deportations to Baghdad

Campsfield Hungerstrike Day 3: Hungerstrikers Issue a Statement

•Greetings from the International Federation of Iraqi Refugee

•Campaign Against Deportatio​ns to Iraq

•Support Iranian Refugees in Azerbaijan.

•Sweden to Attempt Mass Deportation of Iraqi Refugees

•support letter from unite the union

•Statement of support for Iranian hunger strikers

•Uprising in Iraqi Kurdistan

Urgent Action: Stop the Violence Against Demonstrators in Kurdistan

•Please join our mass demonstration in solidarity with the people’s uprising in Iraqi Kurdistan

•Letter from Bill Bonnar, Convenor, International Committee, Scottish Socialist Party

•Mass deportation to Iraq planned as attacks on demonstrators throughout country continue

•letter to SD in the EU parliament

•support in the campaign against the violence of the
Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP) against the demonstration in Sulaimaniya on 17 February and the continuing occupation of KDP militia in cities across Kurdistan.

•Umbrella group of Kurdish community and political organisations in the UK

Kurdistan Regional Government office in London being blockaded in protest at killing of protesters in Iraqi Kurdistan

•Monday 21 February at 2pm Rally outside the Kurdistan Regional Government London office (KRG) 8th Floor, Winchester House, 259-269 Old Marylebone Road NW1 5RA Edgware Road Tube and march to Downing St

To all Freedom loving people and Kurdish people in Britain

•Kurdistan Regionalregierung Büros in London besetzt aus Protest gegen die gestrige Todesfälle in Kurdistan

•Support Mr. Khosrow Heydari and Mr. Ali Akbar Nikbakht Sarvestani, Iranian Refugees in Azerbaijan.

•Norwegen zu deportieren Frauen und Kinder, heute Abend  Bagdad

•Statement from the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees regarding Aso Mohammed Ibrahim

Bulletin Refugees Nr 12

•IFIR attends rally for Jimmy Mubenga

•Capitalism is the source of all kinds of discrimination and racism
Dashty Jamal speech from TCAR demo in Newcastle on 20th November

PRESS RELEASE  Iraqi refugee suffers panic attack as Home Office contracted guards restrain him by the neck during attempted deportation to Baghdad

•Driven to Desperate Measures: 2006-2010

•To The World Public opinion

•intervew Dashty Jamal Sekretär Internationale Föderation der irakischen Flüchtlinge with American radio station .

•    *** PLEASE FORWARD WIDELY****   Stop deportations to Baghdad
Demonstration outside the Iraqi Embassy

•To the world public opinion
Iraqi refugees assaulted and injured on mass deportation flight to Baghdad


Iraqi refugees assaulted on mass deportation flight to Baghdad

•3rd September 2010  PRESS RELEASE    Iraqi refugees escape from detention centre to avoid deportation to Baghdad

•31st August 2010    PRESS RELEASE          
Mass deportation flight to Baghdad leaving tomorrow morning

•Osman Rasul is a Victim of the UK & KRG’s  Policy


•Come and join us for the monthly
Dinner against Deportations

Press conference on the kidnapping and assassination of journalist Sardasht Osman in Iraqi Kurdistan

eportation flight leaves for Baghdad as more Iraqi refugees given deportation tickets for next week

•No deportations to Baghdad
Equal rights for all Iraqi refugees

•Demonstration Against Deportations

PRESS RELEASE        2 June 2010    Iraqi refugees given tickets for deportation flight to Baghdad for Wednesday 9th June

Call for a European Week of Action Against the Deportation Machine

Letter from PUBLIC &COMMERCIAL SERVICES UNION to Barzani about killing ok Kurdisch Journalist

Press release     IFIR condemns the killing of Kurdish Journalist Sardasht Othman

We need a world without a racist immigration system” 

Dashty Jamal’s speech on 1st May 2010, at a meeting organized by the Latin American Workers Association at School of University of Oriental Studies in London

Demand the immediate release of Iraqi Kurdish refugees from detention

Happy May Day! 

Police probe death at immigration removal centre

•International Federation of Iraqi Refugees & International Organization of Iranian Refugees ،Held a debate with Representatives of (Moderate party, Social democrat, Green party, Left party, Social Justice, ChristianDemocrat party...) about the refugee rights in Sweden.

Letter to President Talabani, President Barzani, Prime Minister al-Maliki,
Re: Deportations to Iraq and the KRG

Nigerian death is a Victim of the Swiss Asylum Policy

Stop accepting Kurdish refugees deported by force to Kurdistan

More than Fifty people detained for mass deportation to northern Iraq

Demonstrate in solidarity with deportees in Iraq

Letter From Balthasar Glättli Secretary (General Solidarité sans frontières) to President Talabani, President Barzani, Prime Minister al-Maliki ,Against deportation Iraqi refugees to iraq .

Deportations to Iraq and the KRG ،letter from Harry Arcola London Coalition Against Poverty to President Talabani, President Barzani, Prime Minister al-Maliki

letter fromJennie Formby National Secretary Food, Drink and Tobacco Sector  to President Massoud Barzani about Deportations to Iraq and the KRG   

letter from interpol poice to IFIR ●

Stop deportations to Iraq!●

IFIR calls upon INTERPOL to immediately recall the wanted alerts issued against the above 12 Iranian pololitical activists

More than fifty-five people were deported to the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq early on Thursday morning, leaving from Luton Airport and landing in Erbil International.

First deportations to Iraq since failed Baghdad flight leaving today

Number of Human right and political party sing the letters to Swedish primenster

•letter to Swedish priminster

Swedish Iraqi detainees have been informed that they will be forcibly send back to Bagdad today.

Demonstration at the Iraqi Embassy.....No deportations to Baghdad!

The British government is continuing to forcibly return Iraqi Kurdish Refugees

Release Hassan Ahmad and grant him asylum in the UK

support our call for the immediate release of Fariat Mohammadi from Colnbrook detention centre

7 July 2009………… Press Release
Iranian refugee sews face up and goes on hunger strike to protest at ‘inhumane treatment’ in Colnbrook detention centre

Don’t let Iraqi Asylum seekers be deported from Denmarkafter 31 days of struggle

Forced returns of Iraqis from Sweden

Demonstration & meeting with Iraqi Refugees in Denmark and London

IFIR Secretary Dashty Jamal's letter to the Prime Minister of Denmark

Solidarity demonstration with Iraqi refugees occupying church in Denmark

Agreement between the Danish and Iraqi Governments to deport refugees back to Iraq is playing politics with peoples lives

International Federation of Iraqi Refugees and the Stop Deportation Network are blockading Colnbrook detention centre, near Heathrow airport, to stop 50 Iraqi refugees being forcibly deported to Iraqi Kurdistan on a specially chartered flight.

Network are blockading Colnbrook detention centre, near Heathrowairport, to stop 50 Iraqi refugees being forcibly deported to Iraqi Kurdistan on a specially chartered flight.

Stop agreement with KRG which plays with the lives and future of Iraqi Kurdish asylum seekers

Happy May Day!

Denmark authorities has Deportees Siwail Kamal to Kurdistan


Human rights campaigners, trade unions and refugee rights organizations across Europe please join our campaign to defend Iraqi and Kurdish refugees

Support the demonstration for the rights of Iraq deportees

We demand that the UNCHR and European countries guarantee the rights of asylum to the Kurdish and Iraqi refugees

The General Secretary of the United Nations
Dear Mr BanKi-moon
The plight of Kurdish and Iraqi Refugees

Message of Support from Dashty Jamal Secretary of International Federation of Iraqi Refugees to this united demonstration against the anti asylum policies of the Moderate Swedish Government today (26 February 09).

solidarity with Iraqi asylum

Iraq's Shocking Human Toll

Campaign to Close Camps field

Message of solidarity to the Close Camps field Campaign from the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees

Letter to home office       01.10.2013    

Help Sarwar Gareb get out of Campsfield detention centre and stay in the UK

Deportation flight to Iraq forced to come back to the UK

Fifty Iraqis being deported today

Iraqi refugee crisis

5th December 2008....Press Release

Campaigner to be forcibly deported to Iraq tomorrow

14/12/09   PRESS RELEASE
Demonstration tomorrow outside the Iraqi Embassy against imminent deportations to Iraq